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Rhino Aluminium Roof Racks

Aluminium Rack

Rhino Aluminium Roof Rack

The Rhino Aluminium Rack is the ultimate commercial roof rack. Years of development have led to the construction of a lightweight aluminium roof rack which is just as strong as its steel equivalent.

Anti-corroding aluminium construction never rusts
Just as strong as a steel rack and up to 25% lighter
Full width stainless steel rear ladder roller
Aerodynamic oval cross bars help save fuel

The use of aluminium and other non-corroding materials means that the aluminium rack offers solid long term value; you can rest assured that in a few years time there will be no rusting of scratches made through daily use. The aerodynamic oval cross bars reduce drag of the rack, and this together with its low weight means that it could save you money on fuel compared to a traditional steel rack.

In addition to the added benefits of an aluminium construction, the Rhino Aluminium Rack retains the useful features of a steel rack:

  • 6-inch side rails support loads and provide tie down points.
  • The full-width rear roller makes the loading of sheet materials and ladders easy, and is made from stainless steel to ensure its long life.
  • For small vans the aluminium rack is longer than the steel equivalent - giving you more usable load space.

Fitting the Rhino Aluminium Rack


Aluminium Rack

Aerodynamic End Caps

The Aluminium Rack - like all other Rhino Products, has been designed to be easy for the end user to fit, and as such includes fully illustrated instructions and vehicle specific fixings - with no drilling required.

Due to the way the aluminium rack is constructed, the cross bars can be positioned anywhere along the rack, making it possible to customise the rack to your specific load carrying needs. This also means that the rack is easier to fit, assembling on the roof without the need to lift bulky sections.

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Rhino Aluminium Roof Racks are made in varying sizes to suit most commercial vehicles on the road today, select your vehicle below or on the side menu to find the right system for your van.

Each rack is specific to a van and as such it is important you get the right product for your van, so give our technical line a call on 0203 432 6120 if you are unsure exactly which van you have. Accessories are shown within each item listing.

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