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Introducing Rhino Connect+, A Rear Step for Vans with Reversing Sensors
Rhino Connect+ allows you fit a step to a van with existing parking sensors, without interfering with their functionality. The step does this by plugging into the existing vehicle electronics, so the existing displays/audio warnings in the cab work as usual. Compatible Vehicles Connect+ for SafeStep™ is now available for the following vehicles: VW Crafter 2006-2016 Rear Steps VW Crafter 2017-Onwards Rear Steps VW Transporter T6 2014-Onwards Rear Steps Ford Custom 2012-Onwards Rear Steps Ford Transit 2014-Onwards Rear Steps Mercedes Sprinter 2006-2017 Rear Steps Citro..
Free Load Stops with Rhino Roof Bars
We're offering 4 Load Stops Free with every Rhino Roof Bar system sold. KammBars will come with 2 packs of 2 KammBar Load Stops, and Delta Bars will come with a pack of 4 Delta Load Stops. Both kinds of load stops are fully-adjustable to move along the bar with a thumb screw, and are designed to help keep loads in place in combination with straps. You won't need to add the Load Stops to your basket, they will be sent automatically with your order. ..
New 2017 Crafter Roof Racks, Bars and Accessories now Available
We are pleased to announce that Roof Racks, Roof Bars, and accessories are now available for the new 2017 Crafter. (Selected wheelbase versions only at the moment) See all new 2017 Crafter Roof Racks & Bars. The 2017 Crafter has a curve in the roof, so the products are different to those on the previous models. If you need any advice, please give our friendly team a call on 0203 432 6120. ..
Fitting Your Rhino Roof Rack to a New Van
Transferring a Rhino Roof Rack or Bar System between two different vans is not always possible, but can be done in some cases, depending on which type of rack or bars you have, and the models of the old and new vans. Rhino Delta Bars Switching Delta Bars between vans is normally just a case of buying a new fitting kit, call us on 0203 432 6120 to arrange this. If you are switching between vans of similar sizes, in most cases you'll be able to use the cross bars that you already have. Rhino KammBars Kammbars come as a complete vehicle specific kit, so we are unable to s..
Fitting Kits & Brackets for Rhino Roof Racks & Bars
Rhino Roof Racks & Bars are generally sold as part of a complete kit, including the main roof rack/bar components and vehicle-specific fitting brackets. We don't list these kits on our website, so if you need a new fitting kit with the vehicle-specific brackets, give us a call and we can get a price for you. If you want to fit a Rhino Roof Rack you already have to a different model of van, please click here. If you need any advice, or to order a new fitting kit, please give our friendly team a call on 0203 432 6120. ..
Rhino Kamm Bar Aluminium Roof Bars
Rhino Product's new Aluminum Roof Bar – the Kamm Bar. Made from lightweight aluminium with an aerodynamic profile and an integral locking system, the Kamm Bar is Rhino's most advanced roof bar yet. The Kamm Bars are made from anodised aluminium to provide long term protection from corrosion. The feet have been redesigned with locks, and come pre-assembled for an easy fit. Each set of Kamm Bar comes complete with a set of aerodynamic load stops.  Like all Rhino Products, they have been extensively tested, and have passed a 20g crash test and gained TUV Approval. Kamm Bars are avai..
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