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Fitting Your Rhino Roof Rack to a New Van

Fitting Your Rhino Roof Rack to a New Van

Transferring a Rhino Roof Rack or Bar System between two different vans is not always possible, but can be done in some cases, depending on which type of rack or bars you have, and the models of the old and new vans.

Rhino Delta Bars

Switching Delta Bars between vans is normally just a case of buying a new fitting kit, call us on 0203 432 6120 to arrange this.

If you are switching between vans of similar sizes, in most cases you'll be able to use the cross bars that you already have.

Rhino KammBars

Kammbars come as a complete vehicle specific kit, so we are unable to supply different brackets to transfer them between vans

Rhino Modular Rack

The sections of a Modular Rack have crossbars which are welded in position to fit a specific model of van, this makes them easy to fit, but makes it impossible to transfer between vans in most cases.

The exception would be if you are switching between different wheelbase or rear door types of the same generation of van (i.e. between a SWB Low Roof Twin Door 2012 Vivaro to a LWB Low Roof Twin Door Vivaro).

In this case you may be able to buy one or two modules to switch the rack over.

Rhino Aluminium Rack

Rhino Aluminium Racks are comprised of crossbars which bolt to side rails in a track, which makes them more versatile in terms of fit.

Depending on the width of crossbars of your existing rack, and length of side rails, it may be possible to transfer between different vans by buying a fitting kit.

If you need any advice, please give our friendly team a call on 0203 432 6120.

Need help? Call Us: 0203 432 6120
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