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Are Rhino Roof Racks Universal?

Are Rhino Roof Racks Universal?

One of the most common questions we are asked is if Rhino roof racks and bars are universal. Rhino racks are designed specifically to fit one variant/model of van well, and so they are not universal, however racks can sometimes be transferred from van to van by replacing certain parts. 

If you are looking at a second hand rack and someone says it will fit your van, be very wary. We get calls every day from people who have bought a rack from ebay or gumtree and have been told by the seller it came off a different van, but will fit their van. This is very rarely the case.

This is particularly true for modular racks, where the cross-bars are welded into precise positions to line up with the fixing points on the van roof. The points vary in position between models of van and will not line up unless the rack was designed for that van. This cannot be adjusted.

The type of mounting points in the roof also varies between models of van.

All this being said, in some cases, (mostly with Rhino Delta Bars and Aluminium Racks) it is possible to transfer some parts of an existing rack to a new van by buying a replacement fitting kit, read our full article on transferring roof racks between vans for more details.


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